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K’s Real Estate was stemming 7 years ago when its director, Mr. Ramesh Kothari was learning the nuances of the commercial real-estate industry. With immense dedication, he successfully built a strong network and escalated the business. 

In October 2019, the firm opened up its first office comprising an in-house accounting and conference room in one of the leading commercial markets in Surat. Till date, the company has over 2000 registered clients in different sectors and adding.


Ramesh Kothari - Founder/ Owner

A person with years of expertise in this industry, Mr. Ramesh Kothari is the soul behind the venture. His sharp industry insights has profited his clients substantially and is what sets him apart from the competition.

With his unparalleled hard work, backed by a charismatic personality, K’s Real Estate has already built a huge family across Surat.

Mayur Kothari - Director of operations/ Owner

Following the footsteps and the legacy of his father, Mr. Mayur Kothari has been overlooking the operations of the firm. His intelligence, wit and contemporary approach has evolutionized the working and also helped expand the business in a new market. 

With this path, the father-son duo is one of the leading commercial real-estate agents in the city.

Suresh Rana

Accounting/transactions/ collect rental dues

Kunal Vedkar

Maintenance/ Back Office Maintenance/ agreement

Harshal Deore

Client service/ customer satisfaction


We aim to be recognised as the most consumer-centric real estate agency in Surat and become a one-stop solution for all their needs. Our vision is to build a clientele of over 10,000 in the coming 5 years and also expand our business to the UAE. 


As a company, we believe each of our clients is a family. Therefore, we strive to offer the best of our services to them. Our mission is to grow the business of our clients by providing them with the best possible choices and help them make calculative and strategic investment decisions in order to yield the best outcome.


From the very beginning, K’s Real Estate stands by the values of integrity, accountability and quality. However, as the company tagline (“We build trust”) suggests, our core value will always be to foster the trust of people who deal with us. We take immense pride in building a staunch team that abides by them. 

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